Fuji Electric Cast Resin Transformers

Fuji Electric developed their first cast-resin transformers in Japan and obtained third party certification compliance to IEC 60076-11 in 2006. The product secured top market share in Japan for 22 consecutive years in 2010. Since 1974, over 90,000 units of cast resin transformers have been produced for Japan and to 55 countries all over the world.

Advantages of Cast Resin Transformers

    1. Fire resistant – Moulded epoxy resin parts are fire resistant since they have self-extinguishing properties.
    2. Energy saving effects – Sheet coil and wound core construction minimize total loss remarkably thus reducing the electricity charges and saving energy.
    3. Compact and light – Cast resin transformer requires lesser space and is lighter.
    4. Vacuum casting construction – Cast resin transformer is manufactured with vacuum casting method offering better resistance to humidity and dust, surface cracking and excellent partial discharge characteristics.
    5. Partial discharge free – Fuji Electric have developed the materials, structures and manufacturing systems that realize excellent partial discharge characteristics. From the viewpoint of cast resin transformer’s reliability, the excellent partial discharge characteristics is the most important. Thus, Fuji have adopted stricter standards than any others by conducting partial discharge test with twice the operating voltage and ensuring the value is less than 10 pC.
    6. Rated Capacity – 30 ~ 5000 kVA