DURESCA® – Busbar System

DURESCA® – Today a synonym for a fully insulated busbar system for the transmission of energy in medium and high voltage equipments,
such as transformer – switchgear connections or generator – generator breaker – transformer connections.

THE DURESCA® busbar system provides compact and fully electrically shielded solutions against a cable connection or conventional air-insulated busbars.
It allows smaller bend radii in limited spaces. The individual insulated busbars are simple and quick to assemble and guarantee a long maintenance-free operation,
since each components passes through a routine test and therefore is delivered without any partial damage.
THE DURESCA® busbars also stand the test under extreme conditions, such as offshore platform, in petrochemical industries, in Siberia at -50°C,
ans also in the desert with maximum sun exposure and temperature above 50°C.


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